New Year New Trends

Dated: 01/14/2017

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As the new year arrives, so do new house design trends. Trends come and go, such as granite counters, but when their new and improved the gain star power. The economy, environment, and demographics always play a big role in trend spotting. But this year two ideas are driving trends: a desire for healthfulness and the want for a greater sense of community.

With no further ado, here are the 2017 house design trends:

  1. Community Gathering Spaces

  2. Taupe Is the New Gray

  3. More Playful Homes

  4. Naturally Renewable, Warmer Surfaces

  5. Surface-Deep Energy Conservation

  6. More Authentic, Personalized Use of Space

  7. The Walkable Suburb

  8. Healthier Homes

  9. Shifting Hearths

  10. Counter Options

  11. Transforming Office

Click here to learn why these trends are happening in 2017 and how they will impact you.

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