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According to a survey by EstateDirect.com buying or selling a house can be more stressful than getting divorced, going bankrupt or getting fired.  Home buying as a newlywed does not need to be a negative experience. So relax, merging you and your spouse‚Äôs lifestyle and purchasing your first home together is an exciting process. Here are some actionable tips to help make finding a home stress free.

  1. Choose the right neighborhood for your budget.

  2. Buy the right-sized home for your lifestyle needs.

  3. Stay proactive about your safety.

  4. Keep communication open between you and your spouse.

To learn more details on these tips and how to make your first-time home buying experience with your new loved one a positive one click here.

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Susan Roberts

I obtained my salesperson license in 2002 followed by my broker's license in 2004 . I have worked for large local and international companies as well as owning my own real estate company. I've worked ....

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