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What to ask the seller before purchasing a home

Purchasing a home is a huge investment. Possibly the biggest of your life.  When purchasing any other product, what do we do? We research and find the best for our budget. Why not do that with a house? One great resource you have with buying a home is the seller.  There is nothing better than hearing about a home straight from someone who’s been living there for umpteen years.  So, we suggest, that you ask! Pick the brain of the seller. Remember, they may be tight -lipped to disclose anything that may jeopardize the sale, so it may be best to ask the harder questions during walk-through or at closing. 

Below are the top five questions to ask the seller.

  1. Are there any special quirks about the house?

  2. Have you had any past problems with the house that you’ve fixed?

  3. Where are the water shut-off valve, sump pump, circuit box, and more?

  4. How is the neighborhood?

  5. Is there anything you want to leave behind?

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