5 Reasons To Buy An Older Home

Dated: 07/13/2017

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Just as buying a new car, buying a new home might sound most appealing when house hunting.  The new appliances, updated amenities, floors, etc. all sound so enticing! And, who wants to deal with all the updates that may need to happen with an older home?

However, consider the character and charm of an older home - one that cannot be duplicated.  Besides that, purchasing an older home can be a smart investment.

Below are the top reasons why buying an older home might be the best decision.

  1. Older homes tend to be cheaper than newer homes

  2. Older homes tend to have better-quality construction

  3. Older homes are often in established locations

  4. Older homes have more character

  5. Lot sizes tend to be larger with older homes

For more on this, visit the www.realtor.com article, here.

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