4 Tips For Selling Your Home During The Winter

Dated: 12/27/2017

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Thinking of selling your home sometime soon? Why wait until spring? Existing home sales have increased from November to December in the past three winters. That means even though there are less homes on the market, buyers are out there buying at a steady, if not increased, pace. Selling during the holidays doesn’t have to spell disaster. You may be surprised that there are actually advantages to selling your home in the winter! Here are some of our favorites:


1) The Internet Has No Seasons

Traditional home buying and selling seasons have evolved as a result of instant internet access to property listings. While spring is still the hottest home-buying season, serious home buyers are always on the lookout. You may think people are less likely to see your home in the midst of their hectic holiday schedules. That can definitely be true, but most people have more time off around the holidays. That could mean more time for browsing their favorite home apps, dreaming about their future decor, and even scheduling home showings.

Today’s buyers do the bulk of their home searches online, and that’s especially true when the weather outside is not so cheerful. This means your online listing and photos are especially important.

  • Make sure you use high-quality photos that show off your home’s selling points.

  • Photos of the exterior in all seasons can help, as can including a video tour and night shots of the exterior with all the lights on.

  • Make sure you work with an experienced REALTOR to get your listing ready for online house hunters.


2) Competition Dries Up

Come spring, sellers will flood the market, but right now, you’ve practically got the market to yourself. Less competition on the market means if you list your home during the winter, buyers have fewer homes to choose from, which means you could sell your house faster.


3) Getting Tax Breaks Before Year-End

Winter home buyers may also be motivated to capture the tax benefits of buying a home before year-end and write off some of the expenses of their home purchase on their taxes. There are usually multiple tax benefits of owning a home they can take advantage of, too. Typically, a homeowner can count on the following being tax-deductible:

  • Mortgage interest

  • Private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums

  • Real estate taxes

All of these tax benefits could make a potential home buyer want to get a house bought and closed before the new year.


4) Tips to Setting the Buying Mood

Nothing says welcome home quite like walking out of the cold into a nice, warm house that’s dressed up for the holidays. Admit it: Your home looks good this time of year! It’s easier to make a house feel like home in the wintertime. Here are a few tips to help you set the buying mood.

  • Keep it simple. Decorations should accent—not overpower—a room. Less is more!

  • Crank up the cozy. Light a fire in the hearth, play soft holiday music in the background, and prepare fresh-baked goods or mulled cider for guests.

  • Shine a light outside. Winter days get dark early. Brighten your home’s exterior with outdoor spotlights. A few holiday lights are okay. Just save the Clark Griswold light show for next year.

Remember: the nicer your home presents itself, the more likely it is to sell—and for more money.


With all these advantages on your side, hopefully selling your home in the winter won’t feel so daunting. We know you’ve probably got a lot on your plate this time of year, though, so we’ve put together some resources to help you check everything off your home-selling list. Download our free home-seller guides today!


For all of the winter selling tips, read the original article here: (https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/selling-your-home-in-winter)

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